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Rolling Programmes for our Creative Curriculum.

In September 2014 all schools implemented the New National Curriculum. Together with our other small school colleagues in the Culm Valley we have decided to deliver the requirements of this curriculum through a more creative approach. After much research the group have invested in ‘Dimensions 2014’which  includes all the new Primary National Curriculum 2014 requirements.

Dimensions offers innovative ideas and practical resources that will help us to continue to inspire our children and develop their love of learning.

By adopting the Dimensions approach, we will be laying solid foundations for creative teaching and learning based on effective principles and processes.

In our Federation and Small Schools Partnership we will plan exciting cross-curricular topics together and opportunities to bring both staff and children together for ‘the love of learning’

The Rolling Programmes above show outlines of the themes over the years with hooks to engage our children. But of course we need to allow for spontaneity and moments of awe and wonder that make learning revelevant and personal e.g. the birth of a baby, the arrival of snow and watching the miracle of an ugly grub like creature turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Our children need to explore their senses, learn to take risks in a safe environment and most importantly enjoy being a child. At Kentisbeare we want to 'Measure what we Value' and not the other way round.

The National Curriculum Overviews.

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