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The school aims to develop confident, articulate children who are able to communicate effectively through the written and spoken word – and relish the opportunity to read and write in a variety of contexts; we aim for all children to develop a love for reading and writing which will serve them well throughout their secondary education and adult life.

We use the National Curriculum as a basis for developing the children’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The children undertake a daily dedicated English lesson. However, at Kentisbeare Primary, we see English teaching as something that must be, and is, embedded across the curriculum. From speaking clearly and articulately around school, to writing at length as part of a topic lesson.

There is also an emphasis on giving children the technical knowledge and language through which they can discuss and improve their work, helping them to become reflective and proactive learners. From Year 1, they are explicitly taught grammar terminology and spelling rules, and we have a strong emphasis on the home-school link to support spelling development.

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