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From external review visit (DCC) 4/07/16

With reference to the Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

  • ‘There are aspects outstanding practice in the Foundation Stage Unit and across Key Stages One and Two’
  • ‘The focus upon the language of learning is enabling children to demonstrate deep understanding. Children are able to clearly articulate their learning to staff and their peers, and most importantly to themselves and so consolidate it.’

With reference to Personal development, behaviour and welfare of pupils

  • ‘Pupils demonstrated very good attitudes to their learning. This has been enhanced by the current focus on meta-cognition and language of learning.’
  • ‘Pupils’ behaviour in and around the school is courteous and sensible showing respect for adults and for one another.’

With reference to Outcomes for pupils

  • Foundation Stage ‘good level of development’ attainment continues rising trend and above national 2015 – 100%
  • ‘Year 1 attainment in phonics screening check sustained and above national 2015 – 95%’
  • ‘Year 2 attainment in re-test of phonics screening check remains above national – 80%’
  • ‘All cohorts and pupil groups have made good in-year progress’
  • ‘Key Stage 1 cohort achieved target – 86% at age related attainment in reading, writing and mathematics’
  • ‘Key Stage 2 cohort on track to achieve target / meet DfE floor standard’
  • ‘Interventions have effectively promoted progress for most identified pupils’
  • ‘External moderation judged Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 teacher assessment as secure and accurate’

With reference to Outcomes for disadvantaged pupils

  • ‘Attainment and progress of disadvantaged pupils across the school is good.’
  • ‘The school tracks the progress of disadvantaged children rigorously and have delivered a range of effective interventions which have ensured that they make good progress.’
  • ‘The SENCo and pupil premium champions are assertive and thorough in their support of both pupils and staff to remove barriers and maximise progress.’

With reference to Leadership and management

  • ‘There is a highly positive learning culture across the staff’.
  • ‘Energy and commitment demonstrated by head of school in tackling challenges is exemplary.’
  • ‘All leaders are able clearly articulate the impacts of their leadership and talk to the data  confidently.’
  • ‘High quality, effective support and professional development has been put into place.
  • ‘The respective roles of Head of School and Executive Headteacher are clearly defined and enable the head of school to maintain a relentless focus on improving teaching and learning’.

With reference to Overall progress

‘Key leaders and managers consistently communicate high expectations and ambition. They demonstrably work to monitor, improve and support teaching. As a result, teaching is consistently strong across the school or, where it is not, it is improving rapidly. Planned actions based on accurate self-evaluation to overcome weaknesses have been concerted and effective. As a result, achievement, especially for disadvantaged pupils, has improved or consolidated previous good performance.’


          ‘rigorous approach to ensure that the  Teacher Assessments were accurate.

In light of the evidence presented, and the discussions about children's attainment, it was clear that the teachers have high expectations and aspirations for all children.’


‘The lesson was highly effective for a number of reasons, an important one being that the aims of the curriculum-fluency, reasoning and problem solving were completely embedded. The lesson had been carefully planned to expose misconceptions and a range of probing, prompting and promoting questions were used to both support and extend thinking.


‘The enthusiasm and engagement of the children was obvious and the adviser was impressed by the collaborative way in which the children tackled the problem. The children’s mathematical talk was of real quality. Children were observed listening to, challenging and building on each other’s ideas.’ 


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